Freshwater fish Wiki

Looking for a challenging, yet rewarding freshwater keeping experience for the serious hobbyist? The Freshwater Pipefish, or Longsnouted Pipefish, is a true freshwater species with a fascinating personality and appearance. Shy, regal, captivating, and cryptic, pipefish cautiously roam the aquarium in a constant search for food.

While they are not especially delicate as a species, they are difficult to sustain in the home aquarium due to their feeding requirements. Providing a continual supply of deliberately fortified live food is essential to Freshwater Pipefish survival. In addition, keeping the size of the aquarium small and using a sponge filtration system (to prevent too much live food from being drawn into the intake) will help ensure a higher concentration of live food at sufficient levels. With serious effort, pipefishes, like seahorses, can be trained to feed on frozen mysis shrimp and krill, but will only eat food which appears to be moving.

Stock pipefish in a species-only aquarium or with peaceful fish who won't compete for the live food supply.