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Be one of the first aquarists in America to showcase this fascinating Sulawesi freshwater snail. Tylomelania gemmifera is a lacustrine species found exclusively in Lake Matano in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Gold Rabbit Snail Tylomelania gemmifera is most striking because it appears to have a bunny "face," with an elongated head, drooping yellow antennae "ears," and a long, downturned mouth.

The Gold Rabbit Snail also is quite the character to watch, using its muscular foot to move along the substrate in loping, deliberate "steps," arching and dragging its spiraling unicorn-horn shell as it goes.

They make excellent cleanup crews, seeking out leftover food and vacuuming up detritus from the substrate. They will also consume algae and plant matter, occasionally eating aquarium plants like Java Ferns.

Given the right conditions, The Gold Rabbit Snail is documented to reproduce in the home aquarium, but at too slow of a rate to worry about nuisance population explosions. They are one of the rare snails who deliver 1-3 perfectly formed "babies" in individual milky-white egg sacs.