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The Kenyi Cichlid, Metriaclima lombardoi, is an aggressive medium sized cichlid that originates from the rocky shores of Lake Malawi in Africa. The female is blue with black bars and the male turns to a yellow color as it matures.

The Kenyi Cichlid is ideally kept in a 50 gallon or larger aquarium decorated with plenty of rocks and caves in order to provide adequate hiding places for these territorial fish.

The male is sexually mature when the full yellow color is achieved, and reproduction in this species is considered easy compared to other cichlids. They are a mouth brooding species and the fry are released from the female's mouth in about 3 weeks after fertilization. Feed the fry baby brine shrimp and finely ground flake food.

The Kenyi should be given a diet containing vegetable-based foods. Feed a quality vegetable-based flake food, algae, and other foods designed for African Cichlids.